The Canberra Rape Crisis Centre

If you have been raped you can phone the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre on (02) 6247 2525. CRCC is available for any woman, man or child who has experienced any form of sexual abuse (adult rape, childhood sexual abuse, ritual abuse or sexual harassment) whether it is a recent assault or an assault that happened years ago.

CRCC is staffed by specially trained workers. These services are free and confidential. Rape Crisis workers can accompany women, men and children to the Australian Federal Police Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Team (SACAT) (see Reporting Sexual Assault and Criminal Proceedings) if they wish to report the rape to the police. You can also contact the police directly on 131 444.

Crisis phone counsellors will put adult male survivors in contact with SAMSSA (Services Assisting Male Survivors of Sexual Assault) who can support them if they want to report an assault to the police. You can use the Rape Crisis services without reporting the assault to the police.

Talking about your experience with someone you trust – such as a friend or a Counsellor – can help you begin your road to recovery.

We provide the following services:

  • Confidential counselling and support for women and children who have experienced any form of sexual assault recently or in the past
  • Immediate crisis appointments for women and children
  • Confidential counselling and practical support for women who have been raped or have experienced childhood sexual abuse or ritual abuse, recently or many years ago
  • Confidential counselling and practical support for women who have experienced sexual harassment
  • Confidential counselling and practical support for children and their non-offending parents or carers who have experienced rape or sexual abuse recently or in the past
  • Crisis phone support available from 7am until 11pm, 7 days a week
  • 24-hour crisis callout service available through the Forensic & Medical Sexual Assault Care (FAMSAC) and/or Sexual Assault & Child Abuse Team (SACAT) services
  • Advocacy and information
  • Support through all legal and medical processes, including court preparation
  • Information on legal and medical processes
  • Referral to relevant agencies, services and government departments
  • Support for family and friends
  • Support groups for survivors of sexual assault
  • Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault

If you have been sexually abused as a child you may have been deeply affected in many ways. As an adult you may still be feeling these effects.

It is important to know that the abuse that was suffered was not your fault.