Surviving Adult Sexual Assault

Rape and sexual assault do happen to adult men. While men are more commonly assaulted as children (see Surviving Childhood Sexual Assault), men do experience sexual assault, and not just in places like prison. If you are reading this website because you have been sexually assaulted as an adult, you are not alone.


The impacts of sexual assault as an adult are the same post-traumatic stress impacts that would occur with any violence or coercion, along with the particular effects of the social stigma attached to sexual victimisation.

  • You might find yourself:
  • having flashbacks and nightmares
  • being jumpy
  • feeling angry and depressed
  • not wanting to be with others.

If the assault happened some time ago you might still be experiencing some of these symptoms. The longer you leave it before getting help, the more ‘stuck’ some of these effects can become.

At SAMSSA we believe that survivors of sexual assault have an absolute right to help and support. Everyone deserves support after something like this. You deserve it.