Reporting To Police

Reporting To Police

Need Immediate Help?

It is your right to contact police if you choose. You do not have to make a report if you don’t want to, but you can contact police at any stage to speak to someone about what your options are.

Firstly it is important you do not shower or change your clothing if you want to report the assault. This is to unsure that you have the best chance of maintaining evidence.

If you attend FAMSAC (for more information please see Going To Hospital) you can request them to contact the police. If you do not attend FAMSAC, or decide after you have visited to contact the police you can call on 131 444 or (02) 6256 7777.

Most sexual assaults are investigated through the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Team (SACAT). They are trained to work with victims and can give you a clear understanding of what the process looks like, and possible outcomes, before you make a statement in order to help you decide.

Through this process you have the right to have a support worker attend with you. Crisis Counsellors with the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre and SAMSSA regularly attend statements with the police, and can help advocate and support you through your decisions and the process. You can contact us for more information on (02) 6247 2525.